Monday, 27 April 2009


This way of working 'remotely' is quite challenging for me - I have to learn to let go of the kind of control I would have if I were present and I have to trust that things will get done even if I'm not there.

The students I am working with in Girona are really the people making this happen. They are busy making phone calls, visits, meetings, sourcing materials, finding cheap and ecological ways to do things that require ingenuity and calling in favours, and all of this in between classes and exams. Contacts have been made with local yoga and meditation centres and we will be able to have several free sessions and classes running every day, with a whole range of techniques and approaches.

So a big thank you to Elisa Brandi, Serena Dandrea, Anna Simon Olle and Cristina Guell Agut, who are the people who are really making this project happen.

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